Every business is now a
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Designing effective organisations and institutions for the digital economy is the grand challenge for our time.

Research and development

CoDE is exploring the broad economic, organizational, and behavioural changes brought about by the advance and spread of digital technology.

A complete digital landscape

Because of our alignment with the University of Surrey at the Surrey Business School, CoDE is uniquely equipped to tap cutting-edge research across disciplines, and help navigate a business world that is uncertain, unpredictable, and unrecognisable to traditional business models.

Every business is now a digital business; every budget is an IT budget. This is because the constant stream of digital technology changes, optimised production practices, and flexible global delivery models has quietly turned into a revolution in business models, consumer expectations, and societal behaviours.

CoDE is not about IT, or about digital technology: it’s about the ‘ecology’ of technology – how Digital transforms not only what can be done, but how it is done, and by whom – and the threats and opportunities this poses for business, government, and society.

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Alan Brown

Executive Director

Roger Maull


Annabelle Gawer


David Plans


Carla Bonina


Ben Shenoy

Director, Business Insights Lab

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