CoDE on the Road: ‘Blockchain for Good’ at techUK

What is the role for Blockchain Technologies in helping address the world’s global challenges? How can NGOs, charities and other third sector organizations exploit and capitalise on the potential of Blockchain Technology to deliver on their social and environmental agendas? CoDE was delighted to sponsor ‘Blockchain for Good’ (B4G) recently at techUK. It was a […]

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Blockchain: Measuring impacts in the worldwide food system

  By Dr Phil Godsiff In which Our Man in Europe stays home, but goes global. Notwithstanding essential nourishment, the pleasure of “commensality”, and chocolate for Easter eggs, recent estimates show that globally we waste 30% of food produced, and in the developed West that figure is even higher.  Further, we know that food consumed […]

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The Game is On: Making friends with Blockchain

For everyone who’s always wanted to know more about Blockchain but was always literally terrified to ask – we bring you the Blockchain Game, developed as an output for the RCUK grant CREDIT: Cryptocurrency Effects in Digital Transformations (EP/N015525/1). The CREDIT project is led by CoDE’s Professor Roger Maull, and features CoDE co-investigators Dr David […]

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The Digital Economy Bill: Lawlessness and governance online

With thanks to Wikipedia! If you thought that the Digital Economy is like the Wild West in its lawlessness and range of quirky accents, think again: it is in fact subject to attempts at stringent regulation. The Digital Economy Bill 2016–17 addresses policy issues related to electronic communications infrastructure and services, and updates the conditions […]

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Is Artificial Intelligence Making Workplace Stress Redundant?

Stress in the workplace is a big deal. It’s been noted that work related stress symptoms and diseases can account for more £29 billion a year spent on sick days in the UK alone, while the average amount of employees stressed at work is reaching 70% in leading UK sectors. Companies are being faced with […]

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Legacy: The chief nemesis of the Digital Future?

By Roger Camrass & Professor Alan W Brown   Wouldn’t it be great in our working lives if we could just wipe the slate clear every few months and start again afresh? No unfinished tasks. Farewell to endless inboxes with messages we’ve been meaning to deal with for far too long. Undo poor decisions with […]

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