Surrey CoDE Research Projects


Grant No. Funder Title Researcher Start Date End Date Amount
No grant number Funded by Zoetis, University of Surrey (money and in-kind resources like expertise, tech, etc) and EM3 (£200,000 to develop the physical space) VHive | For more information click here Alan Brown is on the Steering Committee, supported by entire CoDE Team May 2016 May 2019 Total of £8500000 money/in-kind
688382 Horizon 2020 programme, research and innovation grant Audio Commons David Plans (CI); Carla Bonina (CI) 1 Jan 2016 31 Dec 2018 Total of €707,458/ €217,000 to SBS
EP/N028252/1 EPSRC Control and Trust as Moderating Mechanisms in addressing Vulnerability for the Design of Business and Economic Models (ConTriVE) Roger Maull (PI); Alan Brown (CI) 1 June 2016 31 May 2018 Total of £212,558 to SBS
EP/N015525/1 EPSRC CREDIT: Cryptocurrency Effects in Digital Transformations Roger Maull (PI); David Plans (CI); Phil Godsiff (RCI) 01 February 2016 31 July 2017 Total of £396,170 to SBS
554337-EPP-1-2014-1-IT-EPPKA2-KA Erasmus + European Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship (ENDuRE) David Plans; Alan Brown; Nick Hall; Fabio Della Valle; Davide Morelli 01 November 2014 31 January 2017 Total of €695,277/ €122,715 to SBS
H06 Hefce Innovation Gateway for Connected Digital Economy and 5G Mobile Technologies Ben Shenoy; Megan Beynon; Kris Henley September 2013 September 2016 Total of £3000000/ £400000 to SBS
EP/K003542/2 EPSRC Digital Economy ‘New Economic Models’ Network+ Roger Maull (PI) 1 October 2014 30 June 2016 Total of £561,973 to SBS
EP/K039911/1 EPSRC Home Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) as Platform for Multi-sided Market powered by Internet-of-Things: Opportunities for New Economic & Business Model Roger Maull (CI) 1 June 2013 30 November 2015 Total of £982,378 to SBS
EP/K003542/1 EPSRC Digital Economy ‘New Economic Models’ Network+ Roger Maull (PI) 1 April 2012 30 September 2014 Total of £1,528,703 to SBS
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