Audio Commons: Digital transformation in the sound industry

This week in the Business Insights Lab, we’ll be finding out more about CoDE’s ongoing EU funded project on the Audio Commons. Dr David Plans, Dr Milosz Miszczynski and Dr Carla Bonina are hosting a session to discuss the development of business models in this area, with partners from the project and a few MBA […]

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3 Reasons to Love Audiophotography

Based on a published interview for the Graphic Arts Magazine. Read the full article here. Guest blogger David Frohlich is an author and Professor of Interaction Design at the University of Surrey. He has contributed numerous studies and patents to the field of digital photography, augmented paper, and memorabilia in his fourteen years as a […]

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Audiophotography and Digital Media

“Knowledge-based innovation has the longest lead time of all innovations. There is, first, a long time span between the emergence of new knowledge and its becoming applicable to technology. And then there is another long period before the new technology turns into products, processes or services in the marketplace”, Drucker 1985, p98). Out in front […]

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Journalism, Newsprint, and Digital Choices

The CoDE Research Seminar series concluded with a talk by John Mills, a PhD candidate here at Surrey, and a lecturer and researcher at UCLan. Some fascinating research – and an audience not shy about sharing their views – made for a thought-provoking exploration of journalism and the media in the Digital Economy. The emergent […]

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Digital and the Arts

CoDE was in day-long discussions recently with a well-known music company, using the Lab space to address the challenging issue of how to harness digital media to best exploit the company’s vast and iconic music catalogue. We were joined by a young music professional and one of the University’s Senior Lecturers in Music, to add […]

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The Digital Media Space: Focusgroup+

Our latest CoDE-sponsored research seminar was courtesy of Prof David Frohlich of Surrey, and Digital World Research Centre. The Business Insights Lab hosted a small group of students and academics, and the seminar gave rise to some lively debate and rather robust questioning of the presenter. ‘New media innovation’ is an area of significant interest […]

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