Digital and the Arts

CoDE was in day-long discussions recently with a well-known music company, using the Lab space to address the challenging issue of how to harness digital media to best exploit the company’s vast and iconic music catalogue.

We were joined by a young music professional and one of the University’s Senior Lecturers in Music, to add as much relevance as possible to the workshop; we had further input from the Director of Research in the Institute of Sound Recording (IoSR). Music and media of all kinds are more fertile territory than ever, with 5G and context-based communication reaching into every sector. Despite Global Digital Business being the topic of the day, everyone nonetheless agreed that digital is actually about people, psychology and behaviour.

Some key points from the workshop:

  • Innovation comes from ‘rubbing two ideas together’, and it defies process; instead, we must stimulate relationships and create a separate environment that fosters innovation;
  • The mashup of industries and discomfort of open innovation now means managing across varying degrees and a broad spectrum of digital;
  • Understand your assets; understand your customers;
  • The difference between developing, and enterprising, an idea;
  • What data have we already got? Can the question be answered with ‘small data’? If you scale it up, is it actually a Big Data question?

The music business is complex and far-reaching, and we had a wide ranging discussion, putting dilemmas and questions on the table and sharing ideas about possibilities and answers. Now, it’s time to focus on a small but critical aspect of the challenges the company faces – as well as the opportunities — to see where CoDE might be able to add value. It’s likely that this will be connected to asset management and exploitation in a 5G, multi-media world.

At CoDE, we are reaching into all sectors, and offering a roadmap towards the solutions. Could your company use our help?


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About the Author : Kris Henley

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