Karl Marx, Platforms, and the Gig Economy

In which Our Man returns from Venice, talking about data and ownership and platforms, to find the world turned upside down in a manner similar to the effect achieved by Damien Hirst in his exhibition entitled “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” in which nothing is quite what it seems to be. By Dr […]

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Digital Strategy Labs: Shaping Surrey’s digital future

In the Business Insights Lab (BIL), we’ve been putting Collaborative Discovery to work to help Surrey navigate the digital jungle. How do you forge a strategy for a digital future in higher education, when technology is unpredictable, budgets are tight, and every prediction is still a guess? What should our priorities be as an institution? […]

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‘From Goldman to Google’: Culture change in a Digital Economy

A recent workshop with a team from the UK’s leading specialist resourcing and consultancy firm in governance, compliance and complaints has got us thinking about the issue of how to go about changing an organisation’s culture. Much in the way that IT has come out of its separate ‘tech’ sphere, and taken a seat at […]

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