Digital Strategy Labs: Shaping Surrey’s digital future

In the Business Insights Lab (BIL), we’ve been putting Collaborative Discovery to work to help Surrey navigate the digital jungle. How do you forge a strategy for a digital future in higher education, when technology is unpredictable, budgets are tight, and every prediction is still a guess? What should our priorities be as an institution? […]

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By Jon Teckman,  Senior Teaching Fellow at Surrey Business School and Director of the Leadership Development Series.  “Strong and stable” or a “coalition of chaos”?  These were the options put before the British people in the recent General Election.  Now the people have spoken – and it appears they are not mad keen on either option, stripping […]

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‘From Goldman to Google’: Culture change in a Digital Economy

A recent workshop with a team from the UK’s leading specialist resourcing and consultancy firm in governance, compliance and complaints has got us thinking about the issue of how to go about changing an organisation’s culture. Much in the way that IT has come out of its separate ‘tech’ sphere, and taken a seat at […]

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Audio Commons: Digital transformation in the sound industry

This week in the Business Insights Lab, we’ll be finding out more about CoDE’s ongoing EU funded project on the Audio Commons. Dr David Plans, Dr Milosz Miszczynski and Dr Carla Bonina are hosting a session to discuss the development of business models in this area, with partners from the project and a few MBA […]

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‘The Art of the Impossible’:  Digital transformation for industry

CoDE just hosted a Digital Strategy Day in the Business Insights Lab for a team from a big name in the oil and gas industry. ‘The art of the impossible’ is how the company’s team leader framed the search for the truly unique and unlikely ideas that could transform both their industry, and how the […]

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In the Lab: The challenges of Widening Participation

Important KPIs in our Access Agreement with HEFCE mean that a broad range of departments here at Surrey are drawing together ‘to discuss current initiatives to address differential performance of disadvantaged Widening Participation (WP) groups’. The Business insights Lab was overflowing recently as Dr Ben Shenoy ran a Lab focused on broadening the reach of […]

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