Open data platforms and development in Latin America

There is increasing excitement about the developmental effects that data released in open format could bring to the global south. The so called open data—data released in digital format, publicly available for anyone to use—promise to contribute to key development goals, such as economic growth, job creation, inclusion and access to public services. To illustrate […]

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Audio Commons: Digital transformation in the sound industry

This week in the Business Insights Lab, we’ll be finding out more about CoDE’s ongoing EU funded project on the Audio Commons. Dr David Plans, Dr Milosz Miszczynski and Dr Carla Bonina are hosting a session to discuss the development of business models in this area, with partners from the project and a few MBA […]

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Banking, Medicine, and the Case for Open Data

There’s been lots of interest in Dr Carla Bonina’s recent interview on Open Data in a piece published at the Guardian in December. Below, Carla expands on further points from her field-leading research. Open data continues to be at center of stage in Europe and the countries that support the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Last […]

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The Entrepreneurial Case for Open Data

Here at #ODasOER, @CarlaBonina speaks about #entrepreneurship and #opendata – How can we do this? — Mor Rubinstein (@Morchickit) March 4, 2016 By Guest Blogger Dr Carla Bonina, CoDE Team member and Lecturer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Surrey Business School. Very recently, I gave a talk at University College London as part of […]

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