‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’: Watch it here

The CoDE team has just spent some time filming ‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’, bringing Digital to life for a host of prospective students, and for businesses with valuable potential links with Surrey Business School (SBS). You can see the film here on our homepage, either in its entirety, or by clicking on the individual links at the top left of the video screen.

SBS’s strategy involves showcasing the world-class expertise within CoDE. A Digital Economy Department has been established and a number of postgraduate programmes, short courses and modules will be taught out of this department.  Now, we’re telling the Digital story in a way that only CoDE can: ‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’ explores the impact and implications of 26 Digital topics – each presented by one of CoDE’s and the Business School’s key pundits on digital.

We’ve now got a wealth of content that we’ll be using for a full length video on our websites, as well as a series of much shorter segments that will feature in a social media campaign building momentum up around the series.

Ultimately, it enhances the impact of CoDE’s work if we can present our themes in a dynamic and interesting way. What is the Digital Economy, and what is its connection with technology? What topics is CoDE researching, and why do we think they’re important?  How do these jigsaw pieces fit into the puzzle of the Digital world?

It’s key to capture how Digital topics are impacting everyday life. Buzzwords like Agile, Bitcoin, and Platforms don’t just have meaning for the experts; they are ‘fronting’ technology and changes that will affect all of us, every day – and in some cases, profoundly — changing the landscape of how we live, work, and interact with each other.

Digital doesn’t have to be a mysterious force. ‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’ acts as a summary, explanation, and one-stop resource that shows why CoDE and SBS are leaders in Digital, and are shaping business education for a new future.

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About the Author : Kris Henley

Communications and Outreach for Surrey Business School's Centre for the Digital Economy, a newly-founded research centre to explore the implications of the Digital Economy for business, government and society.