From Insight to Outcome: Hidden opportunities in data analytics

CoDE attended the latest industry-led research colloquium in Business Analytics recently, presented by data analytics expert Dr Aisha Naseer of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe (FLE) Limited and Sahara Innovations Limited. The ‘data deluge’ is overwhelming organisations’ and institutions’ capacity to tackle, manage and transform the sheer volumes of data at play, without compromising the efficiency […]

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CoDE on the Road: In Boston to talk blockchain and boundaries

By Dr Phil Godsiff A (long) while ago there was a series of cartoons in the now defunct Punch magazine.  In one, we see a confused Stone Age man staring at an inexplicable object in his path.  His first question to the man facing him is: “What is this prickly wire-and-air barrier?”  In the next […]

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UK Government ‘Digital Reboot’: The end of the beginning?

The last few weeks have seen the release of a flurry of new documents aimed at stimulating the digital economy and accelerating adoption of digital technologies. Discussion within and across government has resulted in a series of new digital government initiatives – not just the aims, ambitions and methods for the UK’s economy, but also […]

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Banking, Medicine, and the Case for Open Data

There’s been lots of interest in Dr Carla Bonina’s recent interview on Open Data in a piece published at the Guardian in December. Below, Carla expands on further points from her field-leading research. Open data continues to be at center of stage in Europe and the countries that support the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Last […]

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Big Data and Regulation: The debate

Recent press coverage quoting CoDE’s Professor Annabelle Gawer reflects the growing importance of the question of data, and how it is regulated: From the New York Times, ‘Data Could Be the Next Tech Hot Button for Regulators’: is regulation punishing organisations based on what they might do? In an article in The Times Annabelle points […]

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