In the Lab: Music, Rugby, and Digital Learning

Turns out, rugby in New Zealand is taught not by age group, but by size of the player. It makes a lot of sense for rugby. What can it show us about education? Why should students be grouped and taught by age, when aptitude and intellectual development are rarely defined so rigidly? Can digital learning […]

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CoDE on the Road: The launch of ‘DLT for Public Services’ report

The CoDE team were thrilled to be a part of the launch recently of ‘Distributed Ledger Technologies for the Public Sector: Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation’ hosted at the House of Lords by Lord Holmes of Richmond, an inspiring advocate for the immense potential of DLT to address intractable challenges in both private and public sectors. […]

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In the Lab: An Agile approach to community engagement

The Business Insights Lab (BIL) is the only space on the University campus dedicated to ‘discovery-led collaboration’, an approach that is delivering workable results for a range of initiatives. Community engagement and development is a fast-growing focus area for the University itself, and we are seeing more and more groups eager to tackle their most […]

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