Research, Impact, and the Connected Business School

The relationship between ‘Research and Impact’ was a key topic for debate and discussion in our recent Surrey Business School (SBS) ‘Away Day’ in the ongoing and ever-evolving mission to align our strategy with the fast-changing demands of the Digital Economy. Along with sessions on Internationalisation, Teaching and Learning, and Business Engagement, the Research and […]

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‘Access to Business Funding’ Forum: What your SME needs to know

The funding journey for growth companies is the topic under scrutiny on 18 October, as Surrey Business School and Surrey Chambers of Commerce join forces to connect companies seeking funding to scale their businesses with funding opportunities through a wide range of expert funding partners. With the shifting economic climate, many small and medium-size enterprises […]

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Strategy in a Digital World: Have the Basic Principles Changed?

By Professor Alan W Brown and Dr Ben Shenoy An article from a few years ago by Steve Denning contained an analysis of why Porter’s consulting company, Monitor, collapsed in a heap in 2012 with unpaid debts. The article questions Porter’s work and the relevance of “5 Forces” to a digital economy, and is rather […]

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