Distributed Ledger Technology: Applications and implications

Is there anything blockchain can’t do? There’s a good reason to ask. CoDE’s Prof Roger Maull, Dr Phil Godsiff, Prof Alan Brown and Dr Beth Kewell have just published a seminal article with cryptocurrency expert Dr Cathy Mulligan of Imperial College, London, in the journal Strategic Change. ‘Distributed Ledger Technology: Applications and implications’ is significant […]

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Blockchain: Measuring impacts in the worldwide food system

  By Dr Phil Godsiff In which Our Man in Europe stays home, but goes global. Notwithstanding essential nourishment, the pleasure of “commensality”, and chocolate for Easter eggs, recent estimates show that globally we waste 30% of food produced, and in the developed West that figure is even higher.  Further, we know that food consumed […]

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CoDE’s Research Wins: Impacting the Future of the World Economy

BREAKING NEWS…..The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) recently issued a major call for proposals, offering research funding for feasibility studies providing insights into the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and bringing focus to academic research in this area.  We are delighted that both of CoDE’s EPSRC DLT bids, CoMEHeRe and Archangel, have […]

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