‘The Ecology of Technology’: Community and digital disruption

By Dr Phil Godsiff (In which Our Man in Europe goes domestic) Just back from a conference at Chicheley Hall, the country seat of the Royal Society, with Fellows and other luminaries from the Royal Society, plus a Rogues’ Gallery of science fiction writers and representatives from the National Trust, the National Crime Agency, and […]

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Banking, Medicine, and the Case for Open Data

There’s been lots of interest in Dr Carla Bonina’s recent interview on Open Data in a piece published at the Guardian in December. Below, Carla expands on further points from her field-leading research. Open data continues to be at center of stage in Europe and the countries that support the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Last […]

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The Digital Economy Bill: Lawlessness and governance online

With thanks to Wikipedia! If you thought that the Digital Economy is like the Wild West in its lawlessness and range of quirky accents, think again: it is in fact subject to attempts at stringent regulation. The Digital Economy Bill 2016–17 addresses policy issues related to electronic communications infrastructure and services, and updates the conditions […]

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