Machine Intelligence in a Digital Economy: The ‘killer app’?

By Professor Alan W Brown Machine Intelligence could well be the integrative mechanism that transforms data into genuine sources of new value. Could it be the ‘killer app’ for the digital economy? Read the full report here. The computer industry has a long history of investigation into Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches (in which computers attempt […]

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Legacy: The chief nemesis of the Digital Future?

By Roger Camrass & Professor Alan W Brown   Wouldn’t it be great in our working lives if we could just wipe the slate clear every few months and start again afresh? No unfinished tasks. Farewell to endless inboxes with messages we’ve been meaning to deal with for far too long. Undo poor decisions with […]

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CoDE and IBM: Changing relationships and IT

Rapid advances in technology are creating significant pressure on businesses and individuals to work in new ways to adapt their practices. While many of the changes in behaviour fit neatly into existing ways of working, some shifts are causing completely new paradigms and practices to emerge. The continual re-alignment of technology and business change is […]

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