The Disciplinary Dance: Contributions across a design lifecycle

The CoDE team featured centrally in the second annual Festival of Research by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences here at Surrey, with Professor Annabelle Gawer chairing the panel on ‘Technologies Impacting Life’, featuring Professor David Frohlich on the panel. The Festival is a full day event exploring the intersection between our Faculty’s research […]

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Journalism and the Internet of Things: The NewsThings project

  John Mills, one of our PhD students researching journalism and the Internet of Things (IoT), gave an invited talk on his work at the Guildford Institute recently. The Guildford Institute is a social and educational community hub in the centre of Guildford which has been working for and with the local community for over […]

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Research, Impact, and the Connected Business School

The relationship between ‘Research and Impact’ was a key topic for debate and discussion in our recent Surrey Business School (SBS) ‘Away Day’ in the ongoing and ever-evolving mission to align our strategy with the fast-changing demands of the Digital Economy. Along with sessions on Internationalisation, Teaching and Learning, and Business Engagement, the Research and […]

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