‘The Ecology of Technology’: Community and digital disruption

By Dr Phil Godsiff (In which Our Man in Europe goes domestic) Just back from a conference at Chicheley Hall, the country seat of the Royal Society, with Fellows and other luminaries from the Royal Society, plus a Rogues’ Gallery of science fiction writers and representatives from the National Trust, the National Crime Agency, and […]

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Banking, Medicine, and the Case for Open Data

There’s been lots of interest in Dr Carla Bonina’s recent interview on Open Data in a piece published at the Guardian in December. Below, Carla expands on further points from her field-leading research. Open data continues to be at center of stage in Europe and the countries that support the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Last […]

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The Digital Economy Bill: Lawlessness and governance online

With thanks to Wikipedia! If you thought that the Digital Economy is like the Wild West in its lawlessness and range of quirky accents, think again: it is in fact subject to attempts at stringent regulation. The Digital Economy Bill 2016–17 addresses policy issues related to electronic communications infrastructure and services, and updates the conditions […]

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‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’: Watch it here

The CoDE team has just spent some time filming ‘The A-Z of the Digital Economy’, bringing Digital to life for a host of prospective students, and for businesses with valuable potential links with Surrey Business School (SBS). You can see the film here on our homepage, either in its entirety, or by clicking on the […]

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What Happy People Buy: Psychology and Social Media Data

Our joint Psychology, Computer Science and Business workshop on ‘Predicting Psychology from Social Media Data’ in the Business insights Lab joined up digital innovation across sectors and departments. Guest speaker Dr. David Stillwell is a Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science at Judge Business School in the University of Cambridge. He is […]

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Trust and Vulnerability in a Digital Economy

The CoDE Team is thrilled to report that we have received approval for funding the EPSRC project we submitted at the end of last year to the Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Security (TIPS) call. This was a proposal involving Warwick, Cambridge, West of England, and Surrey to the amount of over £1.2M over 24 months. […]

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