The Disciplinary Dance: Contributions across a design lifecycle

The CoDE team featured centrally in the second annual Festival of Research by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences here at Surrey, with Professor Annabelle Gawer chairing the panel on ‘Technologies Impacting Life’, featuring Professor David Frohlich on the panel. The Festival is a full day event exploring the intersection between our Faculty’s research […]

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‘Next Generation Paper’: Connecting paper to the Internet

What happens to paper in a Digital world? Is there an evolving role for this most ancient of media? This was one of the key issues addressed recently in Book Industry Communication’s (BIC) seminar on ‘New Trends in Publishing’, focusing beyond the fads into genuine digital-world shifts, seismic changes, and ‘weak signals’ throughout the publishing […]

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The Academy of Management, Big Data and Surrey in April 2018

Digital Platforms guru Annabelle Gawer reports in from the Academy of Management (AOM) in Atlanta, where she gave two presentations: one at a Professional Development Workshop on Open Innovation, and another on Platforms and Ecosystems. High on the agenda was the progress and development of the AOM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a […]

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