AOM’s Big Data and Digital Economy Conference

As digital technology and big data continue to change the way we do business, CoDE was honoured to host the Academy of Management (AOM) conference on ‘Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy‘ at the Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. Held 18 – 20 April 2018, the conference sponsors included Google Cloud Platform, […]

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In the Lab: Music, Rugby, and Digital Learning

Turns out, rugby in New Zealand is taught not by age group, but by size of the player. It makes a lot of sense for rugby. What can it show us about education? Why should students be grouped and taught by age, when aptitude and intellectual development are rarely defined so rigidly? Can digital learning […]

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The Academy of Management, Big Data and Surrey in April 2018

Digital Platforms guru Annabelle Gawer reports in from the Academy of Management (AOM) in Atlanta, where she gave two presentations: one at a Professional Development Workshop on Open Innovation, and another on Platforms and Ecosystems. High on the agenda was the progress and development of the AOM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a […]

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