CoDE on the Road: The DIODE Network and developing countries

….in which the team goes to Oxford and also takes a figurative trip to the global South

Development Implications of Digital Economies (DIODE) is a strategic research network funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council.  It researches the digital economy – that part of economic output derived solely or primarily from digital technologies – and its role in developing countries.  It focuses particularly on digital enterprise and digital labour in the global South — although also touches on digital platforms, digital trade, digital fabrication, digital currency and digital production networks.

In a recent two-day workshop at the Oxford Internet Institute– DIODE’s second— CoDE’s Dr Carla Bonina gave a presentation of ongoing work with Dr Ben Eaton regarding open data platforms in Latam, which is also linked to an impact case study they are crafting at CoDE. The presentation covered work in progress that asks how third party innovations can be cultivated from open government data platforms. The empirical research employs a comparative case study of open government data platforms in Latin America and is scheduled for presentation in the upcoming Academy of Management Big Data conference to be held in Surrey.

Read more here about emergent research agenda themes, digital economy policy and practice issues, and a summary of four future research topics that bubbled up from the workgroups.

During day two, the team’s work on Research Actions fed the GCRF themes agenda in four topic areas: reforming Digital Labour; Digital Enterprise and Development; Improving Digital Policy in the Global South; and Development Value of Digital Platforms. Carla led on the latter theme, which concentrates on identifying how to realise the development potential of digital platforms (including finance / data platforms) for users in developing countries, and exploring new data sources for measurement (e.g. Alexa data).

The next DIODE meeting will take place in Manchester during April, where the group will discuss findings and next steps of the Network.


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