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At CoDE, we believe that vacation is for those who can afford to stand still. While everyone else goes on holiday, we’ll be in the Business insights Lab as usual, plotting and scheming and generally solving the world’s digital problems before the world knows it has them.

Make your summer count too: unlock the Digital Economy at the CoDE/ENDuRE Digital Entrepreneurship Advanced Lab (DEAL), July 4-8, 2016 in the Business insights Lab at Surrey Business School, University of Surrey — collaborating with the top names in Digital Entrepreneurship.

Every business is now a digital business; every budget is an IT budget. This is because the constant stream of digital technology changes, optimised production practices, and flexible global delivery models has quietly turned into a revolution in business models, consumer expectations, and societal behaviours. This ‘ecology’ of technology frames changes so profound that they are bringing about a new cultural paradigm, sweeping away everything that seemed permanent and non-negotiable.

Designing effective organisations and institutions for the digital economy is the grand challenge for our time. Are you ready? Is your business prepared?

Join CoDE and ENDuRE in ground-breaking seminars and workshops, as we explore and re-define topics such as Design Thinking, Digital Platforms, and questions of Value, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Featuring the leading Digital thinkers of our day:

Join us for the whole week, or for one or more stand-alone days, in a small and select cohort.

Your Hosts and Co-Sponsors:

CoDE combines research, education and co-development to enable companies large and small to accelerate value creation, and benefit from the ubiquity of digital connectivity, computing and embedded technologies. Because of our alignment with the University of Surrey at the Surrey Business School, CoDE is uniquely equipped to tap cutting-edge research across disciplines, and help executives navigate a business world that is uncertain, unpredictable, and unrecognisable to traditional business models.

ENDuRE is the European Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship, an initiative that’s equipping innovative, disruptive start-ups with the tools they’ll need to survive. The ENDuRE project is an EU programme aimed at educating and supporting entrepreneurs, and increasing the resilience and competitiveness of European start-ups. The Surrey ENDuRE team’s Project Partners include the University of Pisa, University of Southern Denmark, and a cluster of start-ups from each region.

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About the Author : Kris Henley

Communications and Outreach for Surrey Business School's Centre for the Digital Economy, a newly-founded research centre to explore the implications of the Digital Economy for business, government and society.