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August can be a quiet time for the University, with term in abeyance and our academics in the four corners of the globe at conferences. Here on the Surrey campus, the CoDE team is helping Surrey Business School design and establish the Business Insights Lab – taking the concept of business experimentation with the application of Agile strategies, and creating a cutting-edge, custom-made physical space on the ground floor of the Business School building, for an upcoming year full of Labs.

Even the new furniture was planned with flexible, hands-on, collaborative working as its guiding principle: tables are wheeled; chairs are lightweight – all for quick and easy re-configuring – and we’ve got our collective eye on some rather special, next-level, giant-sized workwalls!

The Lab space is going to be dedicated to unconventional learning rather than ‘passive listening’, and based on several recent and very successful Lab treatments that the CoDE team has spearheaded.

What does one of our Labs look like?

  • It features a complex and ambiguous subject (a ‘Wicked Problem’);
  • It’s multi-disciplinary, requiring many different types of ‘actors’;
  • It deals with uncertainty, and necessitates experimentation;
  • It uses an active participation approach to education;
  • It has a strong case for Impact – on society, the economy, government policy, and/or academia.

The Business Insights Lab reaches out to businesses of all sizes and descriptions who are trying to make sense of – and prosper within – the dizzying changes brought about by the Digital Economy. BiL brings together businesses, students, and leading academics to deliver tangible and effective solutions.

If your business is wrestling with a thorny problem, you may need much more than conventional consultancy. Please get in touch with the CoDE team to find out about a Lab for your business.

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About the Author : Kris Henley

Communications and Outreach for Surrey Business School's Centre for the Digital Economy, a newly-founded research centre to explore the implications of the Digital Economy for business, government and society.

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