The Ecology of Technology: Should robots pay taxes?

How Tax Policy Favours Robots over Workers and What to do About it There is a longstanding and growing public debate about the costs and benefits of automation. Earlier this year, Bill Gates argued that robots who take human jobs should pay taxes (link to: Mark Zuckerberg recently warned the graduating class at Harvard […]

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Big Data and Regulation: The debate

Recent press coverage quoting CoDE’s Professor Annabelle Gawer reflects the growing importance of the question of data, and how it is regulated: From the New York Times, ‘Data Could Be the Next Tech Hot Button for Regulators’: is regulation punishing organisations based on what they might do? In an article in The Times Annabelle points […]

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Law, Business, and Collaboration in the Digital Economy

Last week’s ‘digital discussion’ between the Surrey School of Law and Surrey Business School was a great opportunity to share ideas and knowledge, and brainstorm potential areas of crossover and collaboration for research. Our fields of expertise stretched from international law, human-rights law, and environmental law, all the way to the ethics of data ownership, […]

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